Is there such a thing as having too much of a good time? Probably not, but in the case of Los Angeles based trio THE MERCURY RIOTS, having merely a good time is not enough, it needs to be more than that. Much more.
With three previous singles available to wet your appetite, THE MERCURY RIOTS are releasing their brand new single Good Time Overload – closely followed by an accompanying music video showcasing their latest live venture, as the first American band to play in the UK after all the lockdowns and restrictions were lifted in the wake of the recent pandemic.
The music of THE MERCURY RIOTS undoubtedly has one foot placed in the classic rock and hard rock genre, the other one steadily planted in the blues – and, for good measure, one elbow casually leaned against the bar counter, ordering a drink!
THE MERCURY RIOTS were formed in 2019 by Zachary, Felipe and Jonny, all three experienced musicians from several previous bands and constellations, with a mutual desire to take things to the next level, while still keeping it simple, joyful and true.
With their sights set on 2022 the band will release their debut full length album in the spring, followed by touring Spain, The UK, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe throughout the rest of the year.