Prog icons The Flower Kings are back  at their most creative, flowery and playful or weird – mirroring the melting pot of folk, symphonic, electronic, jazz, blues, funk & 70’s prog. The world of adventure is entered with a mature  but still playful mind – a time for reflection and for being the best version of the band it can be with this rich history.
As part of Supergroup Transatlantic main man Roine Stolt has been influenced, but also influenced the prog scene for more than 2 decades now  – and  in his work with legendary prog-stars Jon Anderson and Steve Hackett recently the understanding of the need to sometimes revisit the past – and deliver what so many fans hope and pray for. So The Flower Kings live will be largely a vintage affair –  for a while….but with a series of brand
new albums – new music – for a while.
These prog legends will be headlining HRH Prog 13 in September 2022 at O2 Academy Leeds, along with Big Big Train, Monkey Trial, The Tirith, Curved Air, Stray and many more!
An old TFK ‘new’ – is that  founding member Michael Stolt is back on bass & vocal
together with  Mirko DeMaio on drums and Zach Kamins on keyboards,  Hasse Fröberg on vocal & guitar and Roine Stolt on vocal & guitars. Hasse did his first ever show with the band in Quebec City, August 1997 – and still talks about how he was stunned meeting this Canadian audience  – greeting the band with a 5 minute standing applause before the band could  even start the first song !! Then refusing letting the band leave the stage – with one of the longest ’we want an encore’ applause ever heard!The doors of  free creativity – much of which The Beatles opened up around  1966-69
has ruled once more on the new, coming studio album – ‘By Royal Decree’. The sounds that the band did look for were again more organic – vintage, if you will. No wonder, the foundation of the sound is still  drums, bass, guitars and the proven iconic Hammond, grand piano, Mellotron & Moog synthesizers, Stolt’s lead guitars centerstage with Stolt & Fröberg sharing lead vocal duties as usual. All recorded through the finest new fully analogue Rupert NEVE  mixer desk at Fenix Studio Sweden.

The 2022 shows will be centered around the band’s early years – with songs from Retropolis, Stardust we Are, Flower Power, Space Revolver and Back In The World Of Adventures.