Earache Records’ brand new signing and Hollywood’s new bad boys of raw rock’n’roll The Bites have released their new single “Do Me A Favor”. Taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Squeeze’, “Do Me A Favor” is a firecracker of frantic rock’n’roll rhythm, containing a bounty of feverish guitar solos and bursting with bewitching vocal charisma.

The Bites’ ever-effervescent frontman Jordan Tyler explains why the song is the perfect introduction to the band: ““Do Me A Favor” was the first tune we started for what would become the full length album, ‘Squeeze’. The opening riff transitioned into this electrifying driving blues tune and from there it was: “How do we keep making this bigger and badder?” Once you’ve journeyed through all three of the guitar solos, you get to know The Bites pretty damn well.”

The track flings The Bites’ infectious bucking bronco energy into the world right out of the gate and is accompanied by a newly unleashed video that is the bottle to The Bites’ exhilarating lightning.

Jordan says of the video: “Putting the music video together for “Do Me A Favor” was just The Bites doing what The Bites do best: playing some good old fashioned rock and roll. Our videographer and longtime friend of the band, Sean Behr, did a killer job encapsulating the spirit of the band.”

Primed to drop jaws with their monster hybrid of breathtaking garage rock rhythms, gargantuan choruses, unashamedly retro style and, above all, their dedication to making every live show an undeniable excuse to party, ‘Squeeze’ will be ready for rock fans to sink their teeth into on 14th July 2023. ‘Squeeze’ resurrects the style, hop and swagger of early rock’n’roll, displaying the no-nonsense attitude of The Hives and the sheer recklessness of Mötley Crüe. Fans of new rockers Greta Van Fleet, Dirty Honey and The Struts will also delight in the emergence of The Bites.

Having watched his profile on TikTok (@jordantylerbites) blow up, with over 2.1 million likes amassed on his music-obsessing ‘Toks and classic rock covers, Jordan felt compelled to follow his true passion of creating original music and so he founded The Bites with LA drummer, producer extraordinaire and long-time friend Mark Hylander. The duo are joined by guitarists Dustin Coon and Jono Richer, and bassist Zack Currier to round out the sound.

Putting this record, ‘Squeeze’, together, I really wanted to create something timeless. The stigma of “rock is dead” has been so blown out of proportion. All the music we grew up with from the rock legends of the 60s, 70s and 80s, we’ve heard over and over again to the point where it’s become a part of us. We want to give fans something special with ‘Squeeze’, when you hear this album in full, for the first time, hopefully it’ll give you the excitement and joy of albums that you’ve been listening to for decades. It’s gonna get in your bones, baby!” Jordan testifies.

‘Squeeze’ is available to pre-order at earache.com/thebites on limited edition colour vinyl, signed CD and more.


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