Out Now

(Frontiers Records)

Tyketto have forged their reputation on incendiary live shows fronted by the effervescent Danny Vaughn and January’s rescheduled UK tour dates can’t come soon enough.

However, if there’s one criticism of the Hard Rock Hell favourites it’s that they simply don’t produce enough new music! If supply just about meets demand where the band’s must-see gigs are concerned then the constant clamour for fresh songs suggests that’s where Vaughn and co. still have work to do.

Reach goes a long way towards quenching the thirst for a new take on Tyketto. Boasting the combined talents of the current touring line-up – including unsung hero Chris Childs on bass – it’s a brilliant fusion of the past and the present with Vaughn given licence to let his creativity run wild.

In places it’s not unlike classic 1991 debut Don’t Come Easy with a reassuring focus on soaring melodies and Chris Green’s trademark touches of six string class. However, Reach is a very different animal in terms of its ambition, production and overriding sense of genre-defying self-confidence.

Few bands know their audience quite so well as Tyketto and this record offers a respectful nod to the loyal die-hards while simultaneously tapping into the fan base of the future. Kick Like A Mule, I Need It Now and Remember The Name are the sound of a band that’s lost none of its authenticity despite a clear desire to take risks.

Reach for the stars? Tyketto just did.