Out Now

(Frontiers Records)


After a change of name and personnel, Italian rockers Hevidence are back on the metal scene with Nobody’s Fault. When bands undergo major changes it’s rare to hit a home run straight out the gate. And Hevidence are no exception.

Kicking proceedings off at a breathless pace, Dig In The Night serves as a precursor for the rest of Nobody’s Fault.

It’s a frantic opening with shredding aplenty from the band’s main man Diego Reali. Every other track is a full blooded assault on the six string but this quickly becomes part of a disjointed offering.

The album almost feels like two bands taking turns on alternate tracks. Every ‘power rock’ track (Miracle, Ave Maria) it is immediately followed up by a melodic blues rock effort (Nobody’s Fault, So Unkind). The overriding sense is of a band in flux – never fully committed to one style or the other.

Vocally Corrado Quoiani has more than a hint of Europe’s Joey Tempest and the aforementioned Reali is in impressive form throughout. Take each track on its own merit and there are some brilliant efforts. But as an album there most certainly are ‘faults’.

Andy Spoors