Hot on the heels of the brand new HRH Mag Website, a raft of multi-media platforms will be added to the ever-expanding HRH Media Division.

2017 will see the creation of an HRH Mag App – allowing rock fans across the globe to access a whole new world of music when and where they want it.

Next up will be the publication of the first print edition of Hard Rock Hell Mag: a lavish bible for fans of guitar-based music featuring exclusive interviews, reviews, previews, lifestyle and more!

HRH TV and HRH Radio will be rolled out later this year, guaranteeing the Hard Rock Hell family gets its fix of hot new music and classic sounds on every available platform.

“When we launched the new website we promised the rock and metal community that it was simply the tip of the iceberg,” said HRH CEO Jonni Davis. “There were some significant changes within the music media business before Christmas and we felt the timing wasn’t right to reveal our full hand.

“However, now that the dust has settled on what was a very uncertain period for the industry we want to restore some faith in the music that we love.

“For many months now we’ve been listening to what fans really want from their rock and metal media. And that’s what we do – we listen.

“Of course people crave instant content delivered to their mobile devices and we know that. So get ready for our fabulous app featuring some very clever functionality.

“But we’ve also been told that print isn’t dead just yet! People into their rock and metal still want a quality product that they can hold and keep. We’ll deliver it.

“And as well as the HRH Mag and website we’re in position to broadcast hundreds of hours of television and radio within the next 12 months.

“Bands, their fans and advertisers will be able to reach a ready-made audience of thousands across the full range of HRH media platforms.”

Hard Rock Hell is already home to a stable of firmly established and enduring festivals including: Hard Rock Hell, Hammerfest, Hard Rock Hell Road Trip, HRH PROG, HRH AOR, Highway To Hell, HRH United, HRH BLUES, HRH NWOBHM, HRH Doom Vs HRH Stoner and HRH Metal.

Fusing the very best in hot new talent with the titans of rock and metal, it’s become a trusted name for unique festival experiences based on decades of tourism and music industry expertise. But the decision to create HRH’s Media Division represents a desire to extend the brand’s reach and become fully inclusive.

Hard Rock Hell will move into the Southern Hemisphere and India for the first time in 2017. And plans are already in place to invade North America from 2018!

The HRH Media Division will meet the growing demand for multi-platform content and target new audiences seeking a fresh approach to the music they love.

HRH Mag Editor In Chief, Simon Rushworth, added: “We have already received positive feedback regarding the HRH Mag Website and it continues to be an exciting work in progress. It will evolve to reflect our audience’s demands.

“In addition we can’t wait to roll out the official HRH Mag App and wrap up the very first print edition of HRH Mag. We are acutely aware of the challenging environment in which we work but we are determined to prove there is a future in print media.

“Rock and metal deserves to be celebrated across a range of multi-media platforms. The music we love has never been limited by creative boundaries and neither will we.”


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