Londoners Nunchucker might be a new name on the rock and roll scene but it looks like 2017 will be a big year for the punk-tinged, sleazegrinders.

The decision to release a vinyl-only edition of their hotly tipped long player next month is a ballsy statement of intent.

And it’s clear Motherfucker Superior is something special with echoes of early Crüe, elements of classic Cult and cocksure bravado in the vein of Backyard Babies and Michael Monroe.

Geordie frontman Chris Tate’s unique take on classic rock fused with sleaze metal makes for a fascinating listen. And here at HRH Mag HQ we can’t wait to hear more.

“This is a limited run promo version of the album but absolutely the tip of the iceberg before a larger release,” said Tate.

“There are versions of songs that are unique to this record. Plus this is vinyl only – currently there is no other way to own these tracks!

“We’re scheduled to shoot a video this month and we’re planning live shows across the UK and Europe.”