Out Now

(Mascot Label Group)

Memphis music royalty is writ large over this magical trip down memory lane. But it’s when Ronnie Baker Brooks breaks out his classy originals that the roots of the Chicago native’s blues heritage feel so much stronger.

The title track – featuring rapper Al Kapone – is a curveball case in point. Identified by producer Steve Jordan as the picks of Brooks’ best new work (although the song’s a few years old), it fuses the past with the present and, perhaps, an even more exciting future.

Twine Time is a fun, feelgood family affair with Lonnie Brooks lending a helping hand. On Give Me Your Love (Love Song), Angie Stone steps up to the plate and the chemistry sizzles from start to finish.

The highlights come thick and fast: Times Have Changed is a record that will have you hitting repeat time and time again – discovering new shades to a colourful and carefully considered set of 11 choice cuts. If you wondered where Vintage Trouble took their lead then look no further.

It’s taken Brooks 10 years to follow up The Torch. Fingers crossed another decade doesn’t pass before one of the most soulful purveyors of blues returns to the studio.