Out Jan 27


Back in the excessive and pomp-fuelled 80s, Chrome Molly frequently rubbed shoulders with rock royalty, touring with Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper.

Fast forward three decades, five albums, numerous line-up changes and even a break up and we arrive at Hoodoo Voodoo.

Overcoming all of those obstacles, the spirit and sound of the band has never strayed too far.

From the first notes of intro In The Beginning the musicianship is incredible. New lead guitarist Jon Foottit brings a level of class that would stand alongside the best from any decade.

Lead vocalist Steve Hawkins’ once high-pitched growl has matured – no longer reminiscent of Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider. His vocals now match the heavy rock sound that the band has fully embraced.

Inspired by a friend who asked why bands don’t go in and make albums like they did in the old days, backing tracks are played live – giving the album its desired sound.

Can’t Be Afraid Of The Dark and Pillars Of Creation are the standouts with some astonishing guitar solos and heavy riffs. The only criticism that could be levelled toward the album is the tail end becomes slightly monotonous. Tracks begin to blur into the next with all of the aces seemingly played in earlier efforts.

But this is a welcome throwback. Hoodoo Voodoo should be enough to entice fans, both old and new, to dabble with the Chrome Molly’s black magic.