Out Now

(Napalm Records)

Australia is a hotbed of raw rock and roll right now with the nation that spawned AC/DC and Rose Tattoo reaching a riff-fuelled boiling point. Not content with throwing Airbourne, Massive, Black Aces, Tequila Mockingbyrd et al our way, those dudes Down Under have unleashed the riotous Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard!

The band’s dirty and desperate debut spits out a succession of sleaze-soaked takes on classic Clutch without a care for respect or convention. This is a record that does what it says on the tin – Supersonic Rock N Roll soars into the ether at such a pace that it’s impossible to catch a breath.

Grind The Grinder, Fight Fight Fight and Bad Boy Benny are angst-ridden alliterative anthems built to last. It’s easy to imagine ZMWY blasting out all three songs in sweaty Aussie clubs in the early hours before the whole place descends into anarchy.

Nastier than Airbourne and a more bruising version of Black Aces, ZMWY nevertheless fit neatly into the New Wave Of Aussie Rock And Roll. Where else they might fit remains to be seen.