Camp  HRH, March 10 2017

Autograph’s signature AOR sound was writ large across the mid 80s and hit single Turn Up The Radio – from debut album Sign In Please – pointed to a glittering career with platinum discs aplenty.

The reality proved to be painfully different with 1987’s Loud And Clear failing to match the massive commercial success of Def Leppard’s Hysteria, Whitesnake’s 1987, Aerosmith’s Permanent Vacation, Guns N Roses’ Appetite For Destruction or Motley Crue’s Girls, Girls, Girls. In what would prove to be a vintage year for rock, Autograph sank without trace.

Just six years after bursting onto the scene the band split. But a triumphant HRH AOR V set raised the age-old question: why did it all go wrong? This was a brilliant throwback to a glorious era.

Thirty years on from the commercial failure that was Loud And Clear, Autograph might be missing original frontman Steve ‘Plunk’ Plunkett but former Jailhouse vocalist Simon Daniels is more than capable of raising the roof and proved he can Dance All Night.

Guitar hero Steve Lynch played a starring roll with the fret master still capable of teasing the crowd with his phenomenal dexterity. And fellow founding member Randy Rand (is there a more ludicrous name in rock?) looked like he’d just won the lottery – the beaming bass player making his case for coolest dude of the weekend.

Sign In Please has always been the benchmark where Autograph is concerned and for HRH AOR V highlights it was hard to look beyond Deep End, All I’m Gonna Take, Send Her To Me and spine-tingling set closer Turn Up The Radio.

But even better than those four AOR classics was I Lost My Mind In America – from 2016’s comeback EP. Fusing signature Autograph with vintage Journey it appears the future’s never been brighter for a band seizing its second chance by the balls.


Deep End

Dance All Night

Loud and Clear

Bad Boy

Blondes in Black Cars

All I’m Gonna Take

I Lost My Mind in America

Send Her To Me

(Steve Lynch Guitar Solo)

Turn Up the Radio