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Last summer Michael Schenker treated Japanese fans to a riotous trip down memory lane as the mad axeman joined forces with many of the most powerful voices in rock to celebrate five decades of riff-fuelled mayhem.

On paper the idea seemed ludicrous: round up the most familiar faces of the MSG era, ask them to share the mic with the man himself (at the same time overlooking the odd disagreement down the years) and recreate the magic of the 1980s.

That Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet and Robin McAuley are still capable of belting out Assault Attack, Cry For The Nations and Love Is Not A Game is remarkable enough. That they agreed to share the stage and share Schenker’s back catalogue – setting aside egos and ignoring any self-doubt – is almost beyond belief.

But they did. And the result is reassuringly spectacular. Ted McKenna (drums), Steve Mann (guitar/keys) and Chris Glen (bass) play key roles as expert guides on this glorious journey and Schenker maintains a level of consistency and enthusiasm typical of his critically acclaimed post-noughties live performances.

British audiences can play catch up when Michael Schenker Fest hits the UK later this year. Until then they can play the DVD. Over and over again.