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It seems no Bonfire album is complete without a rendition of the peerless hard rock anthem Sweet Obsession but it would be remiss to skip straight to the end of Byte The Bullet simply to bask in a shot of Teutonic nostalgia.

The latest line-up – featuring frontman Alexx Stahl – is in no mood to live in the past and with the band’s HRH Ibiza Road Trip set just weeks away, the quintet come armed with a raft of brand new fist-pumping classics.

The Scorpions-esque Lonely Nights is a sensational tune and the energised title track leans on a riveting riff so typical of founder member Hans Ziller’s trademark fretwork. Bonfire might never have repeated the commercial success or critical acclaim associated with seminal long player Fireworks but Byte The Bullet is the band’s best for decades.

The sprawling, progressive intro. to Locomotive Breath ushers in another high octane thriller with Stahl and Ziller steering their colleagues through a six-minute epic. The polished AOR of Sweet Surrender will only broaden Bonfire’s appeal but this a record primed to explode the myth that the band’s best days belong to the past.