She may be small in stature but what she lacks in height, WWE superstar Alexa Bliss certainly makes up for in confidence. HRH Mag talked to the first woman in WWE to have won both the Raw and Smackdown Live Women’s Championships.


HRH Mag: What sort of music do you like listening to when you’re on the road?

Alexa Bliss: I love listening to Panic! at the Disco, Aerosmith and My Chemical Romance. I’m still in the middle school phase. You know those kinds of songs you listened to in high school and you’re like, ‘yeah this is the best!’. I recently pulled out an old playlist which had Bowling For Soup’s music on. All those pop-punky songs are my absolute favourite. I also have a whole playlist of Aerosmith and AC/DC. It just depends on what I’m doing.

HRH Mag: So who are your all time favourite bands?

AB: Probably Panic! at the Disco because I grew up on that you know? That was my teenage years. Like when you’re a teenager and everything is so dramatic and everything speaks to you and that kind of music was definitely my favourite. And all those kind of bands are still producing so much music and I still listen to it today too.

HRH Mag: Looking at your social media, it’s easy to see you’re a big Disney fan. Which character would you most associate yourself with?

AB: I would say Tinkerbell. I actually have a story about this. When I tried out for WWE, they told us to say something that would make you stand out. In my mind I thought it was a great idea when asked, ‘why do you want to be in WWE?’ to say ‘I really just want to be Tinkerbell at Disney World so I’m hoping this gets my foot in the door!’. It worked and got their attention but it was a total joke! It’s definitely Tinkerbell though. I did always want to go on that high wire (at Disney World) but also, she’s small and sassy and I like to think I’m sassy too. I’m definitely small enough as well!

HRH Mag: As the champion, what’s it like carrying the belt around with you?

AB: You get some weird looks at the airport as it always goes through the metal detector and everyone always does the same thing. It goes through the screen and they trace the W (for WWE) on the belt every time! They always seem to pull my bag and sometimes when they pull it and go through my things they ‘accidentally’ get to the belt and they are like, ‘oh what’s this for!?’ But it is fun to see people’s reactions when they find it.

HRH Mag: Does it still shock people when they see you and then they see the women’s championship?

AB: Oh yeah! Even people who don’t know what I do and then I tell them. They always give the same response, ‘No you’re not! You’re so little, you’re so this or you’re so that’. I had to drop that kind of line before actually. I was checking in to a hotel and this woman said ‘You’re not an athlete, you’re not a professional wrestler, you’re too little’. I replied ‘actually I’m the champion!’. I may have flicked my hair too and said ‘I’ve had both championships, but it’s no big deal’.

HRH Mag: Having progressed from NXT is there anyone that you’d want to see come up to join the main rosters?

AB: Looking at NXT women’s roster, it’s an amazing roster and I came up with these girls as well. Auska is amazing. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are super athletic and awesome. Ember Moon has a soft spot in my heart because I love her work and her as a person. I’d love to see her on the main roster as she has so much potential and she tried out for the WWE so many times. She has such an inspirational story on how she got here and I’d love to see her succeed. I’d love to see her come up next.

WWE are currently filming the Mae Young Classic: A first of its kind, 32 woman tournament, with participants from 13 countries including Great Britain. The tournament will air exclusively on the WWE Network later this summer.