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(Mascot Label Group)


Belgium’s Triggerfinger ar renowned for their angular, genre-defying alt rock and the colourful Colossus is more of the same…if a little different. On the back of 200 live shows in 20 months it’s fascinating to examine the evolution of a band that’s constantly seeking to break free from a perceived comfort zone.

The pounding title track kicks things off in typically expansive style and it’s clear from the off just why bands as diverse as Muse, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Clutch and Therapy? have singled out the Antwerp mob for support duties.

Hardly all things to all men there is, nevertheless, a universal appeal to Triggerfinger at their melodic best. There’s almost a Primal Scream quality to the potty mouthed Flesh Tight and Colossus isn’t afraid to eschew what might pass as rock in 2017.

Hats off to Mascot for continuing to diversify on a roster that now counts Black Stone Cherry, Eric Gales, Black Country Communion and Monster Truck among its number. Triggerfinger aren’t a natural fit for the fans of any of their label mates and yet there’s a sense that they’d relish taking on any crowd, any time, anywhere.

Colossus‘s self-confident title sets up Ruben Block and co. for an almighty fall. That Triggerfinger exceed expectations is credit to a band that laughs in the face of lazy conservatism. Welcome to your new guilty pleasure.