Fighting weather-damaged kit and a crippling sore throat, the last thing Kobra Paige needed was a fan groping her on stage. HRH Mag‘s Johnathan Ramsay reports on a night of mixed emotions for Canadian rockers Kobra And The Lotus.


Two years and one album since their last gig at Think Tank, operatic Canadian rockers Kobra And The Lotus were finally back on Tyneside.

The four-piece squeezed onto Think Tank’s claustrophobically small stage – a stage they’ve arguably outgrown in their decade-long time on the scene. Nonetheless, frontwoman Kobra Paige and her band made the most of what they had – with the feisty frontwoman still finding the space to wield the mic stand above her head like a gladiator going into battle.

Paige was clearly fighting a sore throat, relying on constant drinks of water to keep her going. Despite this, her powerful vocals were without fault and she resiliently fought her way through a set focused mainly on the band’s fourth studio album, Prevail I – an album shaping up to be KATL’s most popular offering to date.

To use the word ‘intimate’ when describing Think Tank would be an understatement: fans in the front row might as well have been on the stage, with fist bumps and handshakes readily handed out by the band throughout the evening.

One over-zealous fan appointed himself KATL’s unofficial documentary maker, sticking his phone within inches of axeman Jasio Kulakowski’s nose – an invasion that the guitarist quickly swept away unfazed.

As Paige took a well-earned breather halfway through the 15 song set, drummer Marcus Lee showed off his skills, playing a quick game of ‘name that tune’ with the audience as he rattled off well known rock and roll drum riffs.

As the rapturous show neared its end, Paige revealed that the evening’s entertainment was being cut short due to a club night kicking off – undeterred the singer offered fans a choice of set closer: the new album’s title track or some vintage 2012 KATL in the form of 50 Shades of Evil.

After triumphantly thrashing through 50 Shades, Paige high-fived and shook the hands of fans in preparation to leave the stage before things took a somewhat sour turn. A fan in the front row appeared to put his hands in between Kobra’s legs and the startled frontwoman quickly leapt backwards. “You cannot do that do that,” she blasted before leaving the stage.

The incident left a sour taste in the mouths of all those present – it can only be hoped one act of stupidity doesn’t prevent KATL from rocking Newcastle again in future.

Paige later addressed the incident on her personal Instagram page and said: “Thanks Newcastle we had fun! Let’s keep our hands to ourselves though please. What happened tonight wasn’t cool and wasn’t safe.”