Santa Cruz touched down in London as part of their 2017 tour and left hundreds of fans wasted and wounded as they were torn apart during a shred-themed evening. HRH Mag‘s Guy Bell was there.


The Underworld, in the heart of Camden Town, played host to Finland’s most hell raising export as Santa Cruz landed in the UK’s capital as part of their Bad Blood Rising Tour.

The Scandinavian foursome’s fists were raised when they hit the stage -opening with Young Blood Rising it was clear Archie, Johnny, Middy and Taz were pulling no punches.

Santa Cruz are blessed with two of the best axemen in rock right now with both Archie and Johnny setting the basement venue on fire with their ferocious shredding.

Song after song the Les Paul clad pair ripped through their solos with ease that would shame even the most experienced guitarist.

Relentless Renegades and Aiming High reminded fans they have delivered high-end rock songs for years while new hits were given their debut, including Voice Of The New Generation and River Phoenix, giving an indication this is just the beginning where Santa Cruz is concerned.

An acoustic nod to the late Tom Petty was a classy touch when an acoustic interlude paid tribute to the late singer songwriter with a rendition of Free Falling. Another example of class came after the show when Santa Cruz happily mingled with devoted fans at the bar.

The feisty Finns set the standard high with their first release Screaming For Adrenaline but backed it up with 2015’s hugely successful self-titled follow-up. Bad Blood Rising proved their songwriting remains just as good as the band’s pure f***ing adrenaline on stage.

The Bad Blood Rising tour was a perfect way for Santa Cruz to wrap up a hugely successful 2017. Next year they will form part of the HRH Sleaze line-up in Sheffield…miss that and you’ll miss out.

Images By Kerry Mattey