Out Now

(Sharptone Records)

Thought Bleeding Through were dead and buried? Think again. After seemingly calling it quits in 2013, following a career spent redefining metallized hardcore, here are the Californians, back in action with a new label and by the sounds of Love Will Kill All, the same ferocious MO.

Their first record since 2012’s The Great Fire, Love Will Kill All picks up where its predecessor left off: Bleeding Through’s arteries are still flowing with that potent mix of HC aggro and apocalyptic extreme metal; Brandan Schieppati still sounds like he’s going to war; and Marta’s synths continue to wrap each track in an extra layer of sweet darkness.  Set Me Free sees the quintet plunge straight into a furnace and blaze away with a fury that could easily match most death metal bands, while No Friends nods more obviously to their hardcore roots, moving quickly into a pummeling stomp. “Nowhere to go, nowhere to fucking hide”, bellows Schieppati. You can feel his veins bursting.

OK, so there’s no equivalent to mid-noughties metalcore ‘hits’ like Love In Slow Motion and Kill To Believe, but Bleeding Through’s command of melody remains formidable: Love Will Kill All is bookended by two fine examples of their prowess: Fade Into The Ash and the poignant, almost fragile Life. Dead Eyes, meanwhile, boasts the kind of chorus that harks back to The Truth and This Is Love, This Is Murderous.

Bleeding Through suffered badly the loss of momentum that surrounded 2008’s Declaration, but a decade later, they’re back, proving just how potent they can be. And while Love Will Kill All may not win them a new generation of fans, it will undoubtedly slake the thirst of those who were left heartbroken by their apparent demise. Welcome back.