Hammerfest XI takes place in Prestatyn, on the North Wales coast on the 21st-24th March at Presthaven Beach Resort, rather fittingly considering it all started down the road at Pontins in 2009. With three big headliners it is sure to be a good send off for what is the final Hammerfest to be held in Wales, so let’s look at some of the bands that will be playing.

Kamelot – the American/European power metal outfit – will be celebrating 28 years in the business this year after officially forming back in 1991 although unofficially it was 1988 so you wouldn’t be wrong in saying it is 31 years this year – over this time-line they have released 12 studio albums, 14 in fact if you wish to count the B2 reissues.

Paradise Lost are also celebrating 31 years this year – a British band considered by many to be one of the pioneers of the death-doom genre. Having released 15 albums over the span of three decades, they played the very first Hammerfest back in 2009.

Overkill – the American thrash metal band formed back in 1980 have nearly 4 decades of music over 18 studio albums – but did you know they where formed from the ashes of punk band the Lubricants? See elsewhere in this issue for an exclusive interview, and a review of their upcoming new release!

Flotsam and Jetsam founded in 1981 under the name Paradox, and went through several name changes – Dredlox and Dogz included – before they became the household name they are today.  Their 13th studio album ‘The End of Chaos’ was released 18th January this year.

Skálmöld, the Icelandic Viking/folk metal band formed in 2009 – their name literally translates to lawlessness in English.  All their songs are written in Icelandic with inspiration from Norse mythology and Icelandic sagas. They have released 5 studio albums.

Alongside the five above are a plethora of other bands – including Wolf, The King is Blind, Old Corpse Road, Absolva, The Herotic Order, Ten Ton Slug, Reign of Fury, Iron Seawolf and I Saw the World Burn to name but a few.

If you like knowing what’s going on be sure to download the HRH Bible App (available on iOS and Android) – it will have all the stage times and day splits in the events section – a lot easier than pulling a bit of paper out of your pocket in the rain! Oh and don’t forget the Thursday quiz with the boss man Jonni Davis!