Grand Magus release their new album “Wolf God” on April 19th via Nuclear Blast. HRH Mag spoke with frontman JB about the impending release (reviewed in issue IX of HRH Mag out this coming Saturday) and the Swedish music scene…

HRH MAG: Tell us more about the ‘Wolf God’.

JB : Well, you will find out more about this god if you dive into the album. Let your emotions and feelings guide you and this deity will reveal itself in a form that you can grasp.

What can we expect from the album musically?

I think it’s a powerful heavy metal album with a great sound, memorable riffs and melodies. It was a lot of fun making it and I think it shows.

How was the writing and recording process, what kind of approach did you take?

We decided to jam a lot more during the writing process with the goal to record basic tracks live. That means we put a lot of work in before entering the studio and we spent very little time in post-production.

As always with Grand Magus, the cover art is really striking and distinctive, how do the band decide upon the concepts?

It’s an intuitive thing. I think about what would suit the music and emotions inherent in the album and usually there are some basic ideas that come instinctively.

How do you find the scene in Sweden right now? there seems to be a lot great bands breaking out from there especially in the Doom and Stoner world.

Are there any Swedish bands that are lesser known that you enjoy and can recommend?

I honestly don’t know, I don’t keep track of the scene so to speak. I’m sure that there are a lot of great new Swedish bands though. Sweden is pretty unique in that sense. I guess it started with ABBA! 

You have 7 festival appearances so far in the summer including Bloodstock, will there be a tour to follow?

Yes, but I can’t reveal that yet, sorry.

The band have been rocking metalheads for over 2 decades now, what advice would you give to newer up and coming bands?

Well, this will sound very easy, but it’s difficult to make it happen: Find the right people to play with. Stick to your instincts when it comes to the music, don’t follow trends. Stay true to yourself. Work hard and with a purpose.

Thanks again for speaking with me today, good luck with the album launch and the shows

Thank you!