Londoners Trident Waters have been setting the live circuit alight with their infectious groove and contagious riffery – and are due to release their new EP, Hollywood To Vegas, on this Friday 7th June. HRH Mag exclusively asked vocalist and guitarist Andrew Knightley to talk us through each track on the release…

Be So Bad

Big opener. It’s a tribute to all the kick ass feminine spirits out there. It has a sexy kinda riffing going on. It’s hard not to nod your head or keep your legs still while you’re listening. Definitely a turn up loud track. It’s the only track on the EP that Greg and Wilson sang backing vocals on. See the video here

Eva Lane

This is song that’s been around for a while and we’re pleased to get it released. The EP title is taken from the lyrics. It’s a summer time tale of good times and the open road.  This is Americana influenced, Telecaster soaked rock n roll. Listen with the top down on the open freeway!


Sometimes no matter how hard you try it’s seems like things just aren’t going your way. When the only thing you can do is to struggle on without lust of result. There’s a kind of irony about the lyrics. Its’ a banger of a track though, fast paced and really moves through the gears.

Desert Soul

This one has that Zeppelin kind of swagger about it. Inspired by adventures in the Joshua tree desert and Nashville. It features a soaring vocal and ambient vibes reminiscent of Free in the middle section. Timeless classic rock and roll.


The heaviest track on the EP. A deep blues soaked number. It’s about the soul of man. That inner voice that we all fight with sometimes. In the darkest hour comes the strength to know what to do. To know the light, you must experience the shadows.

Trident Waters – Hollywood to Vegas is out this Friday, 7th June.