From backstreet boozers to city arenas Massive Wagons continue their journey to rock and roll fame. It might be an opening support slot but when the two main bands are Status Quo and headliners Lynyrd Skynyrd it’s about as big as a support slot as you can get.

Tonight, is all about showing the amassed crowd, and possible new fans, who Massive Wagons are and what they are about by giving them a short sharp but energy packed set which hopefully entices them to listen to more. Picking a set that does this yet also keeps the current fan’s happy can’t be easy and after much deliberation backstage they came up with a cracker.

Waiting backstage with their own anticipation and thoughts about the gig the band mentioned it had the feel of a hometown show and as they made their way onto the stage there was a buzz of excitement in the air.

With a great response from the wagons t-shirt clad crowd the band ripped into ‘Last on the List’ and welcomed everyone to the party and boy was it a great party. The ever-energetic frontman Baz, clad in his finest tartan suit, used every bit of the massive stage to bring the crowd into the performance.

Back to the Stack a fitting tribute to the late great Rick Parfitt bought the twin guitars from young Steve and Adam into play and linked with the many Quo fans out tonight. The set was bought to an end with Tokyo and gave the fans one last chance to sing along and the band to let loose one last time on this awesome occasion.

Whether the crowd were here for Quo or Skynyrd tonight they definitely took away a piece of Massive Wagons who tonight played in the shadows of giants but one day they may well find themselves one of the giants.

Last On The List
Billy Balloon Head
Back To The Stack
Sunshine Smile