As with every new review, I had a quick listen to the new album, walked away, and then came back later to listen properly and actually commit to paper about what I’d heard.

My first impression of the album was that it sounded familiar, but it was that “do I know this?” familiarity, rather than an obvious “oh it’s XXX”.  I couldn’t shake the feeling of having heard it before, but not quite…

A few days later it dawned on me, the reason I couldn’t shake off this feeling was that I’d actually got “Up the Dose” stuck in my head and it was replaying the chorus on repeat when I least expected it.  It was at this point that I sat down, did a quick internet search on the band, and listened again

It came as no surprise really that Warrior Soul had been signed to Geffen in the ‘80s, although the big shock came from the fact that they’d been around since the ‘80s!

The whole album has an ‘80’s rock feel to it; but not in a dated way, just a reminiscence of a time when skin-tight trousers and long skinny scarves were a thing – and that was just the men!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Disease opens with ‘Up The Dose’, it’s raw and a bit raucous, and the overall feel is one of AC/DC meets Lemmy (although not really) – yes, it’s difficult to explain!

The album continued with loud and fast guitars, coupled with catchy choruses and singalong moments.

Perhaps this the reason I feel comfortable with the album, it reminds me of another time and another band – it’s not a copy, not by any stretch of the imagination – and I don’t mean to say that Warrior Soul sounds like Motorhead or AC/DC because they don’t.. they sound like Warriour Soul and that sounds good!