Blues-rock songstress, Samantha Fish is back with another album and this one explores more musical avenues than Google maps!

The first track (also the first single from the album) pulls in many styles with an Alanis Morissette vocal vibe and a ZZ Top meets Seasick Steve slide guitar rhythm, this song is truly infectious and sets up a great groove for the following tracks.

The title track is a more sophisticated beast which oozes soul from every pore, sweet but powerful vocals blend with brass sections and a delicate Hammond in the background. Fish adds some kicking guitar lead breaks which drives the song along nicely.

`Love Letters’ is beautiful in its simplicity, swelling choruses rock out and punctuate this strong slow blues-rocker which sees Fish making her guitar scream like a siren. Upping the tempo and attitude, `Watch It Die’ brings an immediacy with a soaring vocal and catchy beat that hooks you and pulls you in. `Try Not To Fall In Love With You’ travels towards a country vibe with its relaxed pace and Fish’s emotion-filled voice shares the spotlight with her distorted guitar riffs here in equal measure.

Samantha Fish has come a long way in the last ten years or so. The one time drummer now not only can make her guitar sing sweetly, but also her own voice is stronger and more capable than ever before. This album is a rich tapestry of different musical styles and textures which has seen Fish explore and dabble in areas she’s not visited before.

The blues ballad, `Fair Weather’ takes Fish to familiar territory where her voice merges seamlessly from husky to sweet and back again. Picking up the pace `Love Your Lies’, has a feel of Blondie to it as it bops and grooves along and by god is it good! The hypnotic feel of `Dream Girl’ has the essence of George Harrison with the vocal tone of Sheryl Crow. Just picture this song being sung around a campfire in a peaceful setting. Fish returns to a trumpet filled Blues swinging number next with `She Don’t Live Around Here’ which meanders along its smooth smooch path.

Samantha Fish has pulled together an eclectic mix of tracks each of which shows a different facet of her amazing talents. This is quite possibly her best album to date!