It is with HUGE pride and no lack of Viking Axe-wielding that we can announce the addition of not one but two bands for November’s Vikings III in Sheffield!

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Viking bands don’t come any bigger or better than the incredible Borknagar. Hailing from the Norwegian wilderness, the progressive metallers raised their tankards in 2019 to 25 years of making exceptional music. 2019 also saw them release their 11th studio album, ‘True North’. Combining the elements of black and folk metal to produce a unique sound, Borknagar can switch effortlessly from intoxicating soundscapes to brutally heavy riffage in moments of power unrivalled in nordic metal. The 5-piece will be our Sunday headliner – what a way to finish 2020!

We are also proud to reveal that Caledonian metallers Saor join us for the now legendary HRH Viking battle in November. Meaning ‘Free’ in Gaelic, and led by founder member Andy Marshall, Saor have a unique and epic sound that is brought to life for every performance, and is embodied in 2019’s ‘Forgotten Paths’. A worthy addition to the HRH Viking III ranks, they join Borknagar on Sunday.

Borknagar and Saor join EnsiferumBurning WitchesThyrfingWarkingsMetsatollSkyforgerGrimnerVanaheimGwydionKullKonventWretched SoulValafar and Metal Castle in Sheffield this November.


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