Formed less than three years ago, Bath-based four-piece Novatines, who describe their sound as “a rebirth of classic British Rock with influences from ‘90s American alternative Rock and Grunge”, have already been tipped as one of the UK’s hottest new guitar bands. They’ve had a busy start to the year with the launch of their ‘Wasted Youth’ EP, which was accompanied by a four-date mini-tour. We catch up with the band to find out how it all went and what else they’ve got planned for 2020.

(Warning: this interview contains both the ‘B’ and ‘C’ words)

Novatines was formed in the winter of 2017 – how did the band get started?

We all grew up in the same music scene, crossing paths at shows and playing together in various other bands – eventually we got our shit together and Novatines happened – it was a Christmas miracle.

You dropped your 4-track EP ‘Wasted Youth’ on 7th Feb this year – how long had you been working on it and are you thinking ahead to your next release yet?

We’d been working on it for about a year, mostly just constantly writing and trying to get better with each new song. We’ve always got new stuff in the pipeline, all will be revealed in time!

‘Come Alive’, the lead single from your EP, was released on 29th Feb – what is the song about?

The song is an anthem for the outsiders, people that don’t quite think in line with the normal and boring, and those who have been shunned in some way because they don’t quite fit the mould.

You took your new record on the road for a UK tour in February – where did you play and what sort of response did you receive? Where was your favourite place to play and why?

We played in Bristol, London, Birmingham and Manchester.

The reaction seemed like excitement, I think a lot of people are so bored with the clean cut, sterile guitar music that we’ve been tube fed for the past ten or so years, so when four shouty blokes get on stage and actually break a sweat during a live show, people go nuts for it.

Hard to pick a favourite show, but Bristol was a sell-out and felt like a mad one, so I guess it was a little bit special. 

You supported The Sweet in Germany in May 2019 – what was that like? Do you have any funny stories from that tour that you can share with us?

Germany is insane to tour… everything runs smoothly because the crew are on it, the stages are massive and the crowds were massive to match.

We didn’t realise how many pints were in a stein, so there we were, at a traditional German beer hall in Munich, throwing coins in each other’s drinks and playing God Save The Queen while a traditional Bavarian band clad in lederhosen were shredding on their accordions… the night gets a little blurry from that point onwards. 

If you could tour with any other band or artist, who would it be and why?

Foo Fighters – they are a band who have stayed at the top of their game and still play Rock ‘n’ Roll for the right reasons – nothing short of inspirational.

Plus Dave would be hilarious to drink a couple of steins with!

You’ve been announced as the headliner of this year’s By The River Festival – can you tell us a bit about that?

It’s a one-day festival on the 4th of July in Wadebridge. We’ll be lighting up the night like Katy Perry did on that one song.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

You can expect more music, more shows and more tours – we are just getting warmed up!

What are the downsides to being in a British Rock band in 2020?

We live in a time where the majority don’t want to pay for music, and streaming platforms cash in on that via monthly subscription and pay bands peanuts for their hard work, and somehow that’s legal.

Also Brexit and the Coronavirus are certainly stirring up the pot a little bit, but we will always do what we do regardless of whatever is thrown at us.

Tell us in five words what makes you stand out from the rest?

We sound like the record.


Band members:

Jamie Beale – Lead Vocals / Guitar

Tom Cory – Vocals / Lead Guitar

Tom Turner – Bass

Callum Moloney – Vocals / Drums