Highly respected for their dynamic live performances and a favourite of Mr Jon Bon Jovi himself, Collateral have been impressing audiences far and wide, with their brand of gritty melodic rock. They have proved they can bring it to a live show, and this energy, tenacity and dynamism, is about to be unleashed upon the rest of the world via this, their debut album.

Like a bullet from a gun, Mr Big Shot is our starter pistol. Rammed to the hilt with hooks and riffs, an anthemic style chorus and lyrics that cut like a razorblade, this is no false start – from track 1 it is evident that these 4 guys are poised for rock n roll greatness.

Hailing from Kent, Collateral are comprised of the flamboyant frontman, Angelo Tristan, on guitar Todd Winger, a smiling maestro that can cut a riff as sharp as a knife. On bass Jack Bentley Smith delivers the pulse, whilst Ben Atkinson is the heartbeat. Collateral as a collective are easy on the eye and dripping with aural pleasure. Evoking the fun-loving times of the ’80s, the influences in their sound are clear.  Take the street kid, hard-ass grit of Skid Row, the melodies, riffs and blue-collar attitude of Bon Jovi, add a hefty slice of country with a little pop and mix it with 1987 era Whitesnake. The trick is that Collateral have taken it, shaken it, and made it their own.

Teasing and lulling us into believing it was time to wind things down, Lullaby definitely aint no lullaby! This is drum pounding, high octane, hard-rocking, balls to the wall, flipping the finger to the world, rock n roll. Lullaby is bound to be a crowd-pleaser with bloodthirsty audiences everywhere, ready to belt out the anger and stick it to the man.

Won’t Stop Me Dreaming, demonstrates Collateral’s tenacity and their ability to write a pop/rock tune that simply will not quit. An instant earworm, one listen and you are hooked.

Described by the band as their very own ‘Always’, and tinged with a little of Wanted, Dead Or Alive, Get Back To You is an ode to life on the road, the loneliness and emptiness that comes post-show, when the party is over. Beautiful and sincere, with a vocal that drives its message straight to your heart, plucking every string on the way.

Angelo Tristan opens his heart about the past in the autobiographical About This Boy. Taking us on an emotive journey Tristan tells the tale of his struggles so far. A standout song, delivered with heart and soul, accompanied by soft southern rock this is a damn right down-home country track. And this country road takes us home with a gentle, and very memorable, end to Collateral’s debut.

The album overall has a feelgood factor and a sense of familiarity. Collateral have managed to capture the essence of an era that has long since passed but is fondly remembered by those who lived through it, and is adored by those who wish they had. Collateral are delivering the goods here and for anyone who has ever doubted these 4 bad boys from Kent, this is payback time.