For today’s “From the Vault” it could only be one from The Quireboys, hot on the heels from the news that the band have announced a brand new version of their debut album A Bit Of What You Fancy to mark the albums 30th anniversary. Both vinyl and CD versions are available to pre-order here.

This is a must for all Quireboys fans worldwide and while this will be available on CD & Vinyl, both will be on limited runs, with a new modern cover and a couple of live bonus tracks on the CD.

The CD, due to be released on 1st July 2020,  will feature 2 Live Bonus Tracks, “Man on the Loose” and “Mayfair” while the Vinyl Collector’s item, due for release on 1st September, will be restricted to a run of 750 copies only, in Blue Vinyl.

To see The Quireboys plus Bernie Marsden and Wilko Johnson (and many others!) at HRH Blues VI in April 2021 head to or call 0207 193 1164.