The Glaswegian rock outfit Anchor Lane released their debut album ‘Casino’ on 31st January, produced by Toby Jepson (Wayward Sons, Little Angels) and co-written by Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders, The Almighty). We talk to the Hard Rock Hell performers about their new record and find out how the dynamic young foursome are rolling the dice down the road to Rock stardom.

How would you say your new material compares with your previous EP, ‘New Beginning’?

[Scott]  Since writing the EP we have matured as songwriters and are more secure in our identity as a band. We have discovered our individual style and what we do best as well as incorporating more influences, some much further afield from the more metal-influenced EP. We wrote over twenty-five songs and with the help of our producer Toby Jepson we selected the strongest songs to record for the album.

Did Toby produce the entire album?

[Lawrence]  Yeah, Toby produced the entire record. He was quite remarkable – within the first day of pre-production he’d helped us find the sound for the album – that was a real eureka moment. He had an excellent ear for which songs had potential even from the very first draft on a phone recording and then he would help us grow them into full compositions. He’s a real fan of individualism and shaking things up as well, which makes a real difference considering how much music is out there.

Apart from Toby Jepson and Ricky Warwick (who co-wrote two of the songs on the album), is there anyone else you’d especially like to work, write or collaborate with?

[Matthew]  Of course, there are loads of people we’d love to collaborate with. To name a few: Dave Grohl, Gerard Way, Conor Mason and Bruce Springsteen. After collaborating with both Toby Jepson and Ricky Warwick, we have definitely got the bug for working with other musicians.

Last September you released the music video for Fame Shame, the first single lifted from your new album – what is the song about?

[Conor]  Fame Shame is a frustrated monologue inspired by society’s abuse of social media and obsession with reality TV culture. Don’t get us wrong, we all use social media and think it can be a fantastic tool, especially for up and coming bands such as ourselves, as it is so important to have a strong social media presence. Just don’t live your life through it and miss out on all the amazing things outside of the Internet!

You played a show at The Garage 2 in Glasgow on 11th October, the day that Fame Shame was released – what is the live music scene like up in Glasgow?

[Scott]  The music scene in Glasgow is thriving, there’s so much new talent gaining exposure across the board from the rock scene, the punk scene, the indie scene through to blues and jazz. Its no wonder Glasgow was number one in the cultural and creative cities monitor in November 2019. It has great venues, great fans and there’s something for everyone.

Where does your band name, Anchor Lane, come from?

[Conor]  In the early days we rehearsed in a studio called Lofi Studios, which is situated on Anchor Lane. The street sign is a fantastic form of free advertising, just off George Square in the centre of Glasgow. A lot of our fans take a photo next to it when they’re in the city.

Fun fact: When recording our album at The Vale Studios in Fladbury there was another lane called Anchor Lane. It was destiny, haha!

Will you be touring around the release of your new album?

[Matthew]  Absolutely, no details have been announced yet but keep an eye on our social media and sign up to our mailing list at to be the first to find out!

Will you be appearing at any festivals in 2020?

[Lawrence]  After previously playing Hard Rock Hell, Download, Isle of Wight and many other amazing festivals across the UK in 2018 and 2019, our aim is to return to these festivals with our brand new material as well as hitting new festivals along the way. We love playing festivals and there are so many great ones in the UK and Europe.

What were the highlights of 2019 for you?

[Conor]  2019 was an amazing year for us – recording our first full-length studio album was a definite highlight – staying at the studio for two and a half weeks literally living and breathing our album and having a great time doing it. Also getting the opportunity to have Toby Jepson produce our album and collaborating with Ricky Warwick were once in a lifetime experiences. Supporting the mighty Cheap Trick in our hometown of Glasgow was amazing enough and then they invited us on stage to sing Surrender with them, CRAZY! Then finally celebrating the announcement of our debut album with a packed out, headline show in Glasgow.

What’s “the dream”?

[Conor]  To be happy working and making a living in Anchor Lane and continue to write music we all love.

[Lawrence]  To headline a tour across the UK and have everyone come out to sing our songs with us. I joined Anchor Lane after they played Download so that’s in there too.

[Matthew]  One dream would be to play a headline show at Celtic Park in Glasgow and also to earn a sustainable living from playing in Anchor Lane.

[Scott]  I’d love it if we got the opportunity to tour with the Foo Fighters in the USA and hopefully gain a following across the pond.

 Anchor Lane’s debut album ‘Casino’ is released via R7 Records.

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Anchor Lane are:

Conor Gaffney – Lead vocals & guitar

Lawrence O’Brien – Lead guitar

Matthew Quigley – Bass

Scott Hanlon – Drums