Off Yer Rocka Stars Ryders Creed release their second album “Lost Souls” today – and even if we might be biased, we think it’s an absolute belter of a record!

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The band had this message for the fans, “Creedlings!! It’s finally here!! We hope you all enjoy our second album “Lost Souls” as much as we have loved making it! Our hearts and souls have gone into this album to hopefully ensure that you will all love it and it is something we are all very much proud of. Enjoy!!”

Ryders Creed have worked long and hard on their second album, as front-man Ryan Antony explains: “Lost Souls is an experience from start to finish. Blood, sweat and tears went into writing and recording this album. We had to delve into the deeper parts of ourselves to become truly immersed in the writing process. This album is longer than our debut, it’s darker, more complex. It’s still very much Ryders Creed, but each of us believes that we have found our sound with this album. We are all emotionally connected to this album and as nervous and excited as we are to release it, we are proud of Lost Souls. We cannot wait for you all to hear it.”









Reviews are coming in thick and fast :

“Ryders Creed have worked long and hard and delved deep into their inner selves during the process of this album, and it is altogether much darker and more complex than their first release.

Lost Souls might surprise some die-hard Creedlings, yes the old Ryders sound is there to be heard, but this album goes to show how much the band have progressed and matured. Powerful, dark at times songs with cleverly thought out riffs and hooks and lyrics that tell the dark underbelly of society.

The band should all be very proud of this, and it is in my opinion up there for one of the albums of the year.” – We Bleed Music

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“The good news is Ryders Creed are releasing their second album – ‘Lost Souls’ – and it’s an absolute belter!  

 From the outset of the album and opening track ‘Memories’, you know you’re in for something special with big riffs, grinding guitars and a catchy melody all there in bucketfuls alongside Ryan Antony’s vocals. It’s all brought together superbly and sets you up for the rest of the album. Next up is ‘Unleashed’ which is a headbangers delight, with a pounding beat throughout as the band crank it up so the track lives up to it’s name and I can see it becoming a staple part of the future live show.  

 Lost Souls’ is a triumph and an early contender for album of the year, with 11 tracks which have been well written, constructed and executed by a band who are at the top of their game. 

It simply oozes quality from start to finish and if you need something to take your mind off the state of the world, just put this on the player and all will be well. “ – Metal Planet Music

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I’ve been following Ryders Creed since they first formed and being a huge fan of the band I was obviously excited to hear that they have a new album coming out soon, Lost Souls. My eagerness was slightly tempered by the fact that they have recently gone from a 5 piece band to a 4 piece, which did make me wonder whether this change would adversely affect the sound of the band.

Any fears I had were quickly allayed with the first listen through of the album. Whilst the sound has changed, this sounds like a more mature album and is definitely a positive step forward for Ryan, Rich, Lee and Myles.

The lyrics from Ryan are masterful and well crafted with no rock cliches phrases or mindless fillers and the guitar work from Myles has so many great riffs and hooks. As a second album this is a big step forward for the band and shows a band who are honing their craft and developing their own sound and style.” – Rock Media UK

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