This week we focus on 5 pillars of new classic rock, all of which released albums on Off Yer Rocka from 2016 to 2018, and all with their own unique take on the re-energised genre.

Midlanders Ryders Creed are one of the leading lights of the NWOCR scene, and their debut self-titled album (Ryders Creed, 2016) featured here certainly made some waves with its perfect blend of good-time hard rock (Raise the Hoof) and hard-hitting piledriving songs (Headspace).  Their latest album Lost Souls came out in May to huge critical acclaim.

Blazing the trail for the ladies of new rock are The Amorettes, a 3 piece led by Gill Montgomerie. The ladies have supported all the big names including Black Star Riders, Europe, Black Stone Cherry, Gun, Thunder and many more.  It was the last in that list that led to their 3rd album, White Hot Heat (2016), being produced by Luke Morley.

Next up are Attica Rage hailing from Glasgow.  Formed in 2003, the 4-piece led the way for hard rock with the attitude and attack of a metal band, becoming a firm live favourite until their decision to put the band on ice in 2018. Warheads Ltd (2016) was a stunner with some of the catchiest songs the band ever put out.

A 3-piece from South Wales, The Texas Flood managed to find the perfect blend of hard and blues-rock no better showcased than on their 2nd album Over Worked and Under Paid (2017). Check out this amazing unplugged appearance at HRH X.

Ozzies Tequila Mockingbyrd have so far released just the one album – Fight and Flight (2017), and the 3-piece have undergone some line-up changes since their inception in 2012, most recently recruiting The Amorettes leader Gill Montgomery and Laurie Buchanan to the ranks to join powerhouse drummer Josie Josie O’Toole and bassist Jacinta Jaye.

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