Head of HRH Media John Ellis chatted with High Treason before Covid took a hold earlier this year…

JE : Hi guys, where do we find High Treason today?

HT : At a very good point, two albums which have great songs on, and enjoying the current resurgence of classic rock and NWOBHM which has welcomed us back onto the scene after a time away.

JE : It’s great to see you’ve just been announced to play HRH AOR VIII, what can we expect from your set?

HT : A range of classic melodic rock, some full-on NWOBHM songs and even some great songs to get a groove on, plus an epic sounding “Day I Return” which exudes the full essence of classic rock.

JE : Silver Bullets is a great sounding record, it really captures the spirit of NWOBHM and still has that great High Treason feel that was present for “Everything’s Gonna Change”, how did you start the process of writing a new record?

HT : So many ways to approach a song, generally the music is arranged by Malcolm or Paul to a basic melodic ditty that has a great sound on its own, then Peter takes the ideas and creates lyrics and melodies that sit into and around the music, and, eventually, the songs evolve and as they are played by the band they find their own vibe and though not far from the original concepts offered to the band, once bedded in they just seem to find a natural groove and you get that moment when you think…wow! Did we really write this?!

JE : How does it feel now compared to the earlier days when you release new material, I remember in order to hear something new, you had to listen to John Peel or Tommy Vance, read a review in a magazine and hunt a record down…the internet and the way we all take in information has really changed.

HT :  We loved the old tactile world of magazines and buying records, that was the magic of trying to meet your favourite bands and keep up with what was out there, but take away the touch side of it and in general it’s much the same, just a much easier and accessible format…….just have to work out how Twitter works though!

JE : Do you find using social media works to your advantage, how do get the message out there?

HT : The internet has opened up a world that was closed off to so many people before, home studios and recordings are accessible to most, and regardless of the quality, the amount of talent out there is fantastic, digital magazines and fan-based social networking has made it much easier to get your work out, and also discover some great up and coming talent.

JE : Now that Silver Bullets is out there, what’s next for the band?

HT : We are currently working on more material, songwriting has never been an issue, the problem is picking which ones to nurture and bring into the public eye – if we had our way the album would have hours of our stuff on…

JE : Thanks for talking to me today, it’s been a pleasure. Any last words?

HT : We would like to thank the guys at HRH for their hospitality and the opportunity to play and join the family that is HRH, hopefully, this will be one of many to come, and we would like to thank all the people out there taking the time to come to music events like this and buying our music and merchandise, without their support there would be no music scene, and what a poor world that would be!