Back in 2016 the awesome Regulus released Quadralith – and from it this superb track Dominion.

Check out the album HERE

Back to today, and the band have big news – not only have they got their first gig in a long time coming up at The Corporation in Sheffield on 26th September 2020 (yes, 2020 and fully socially distanced!) they will be appearing for the first time with their new lineup!

Here’s the word from the band themselves:

Presenting, for the very first time, our long-awaited and finally complete new line-up:
Adam Perkins on drums, Thomas Osborne on guitar, Chloé Jolivel on vocals, Billy Law-Bregan on guitar and Martyn Bewick on bass.
We’ve been very quiet for a long time now, and we apologise to anyone who may have been wondering what’s going on! For those who are interested, we’ll try and cut a long story very short:
For the last couple of years our long-time frontman and master of the widdly bits on guitar, Luke Jennings, has been unable to perform with us due to health issues. After a lot of soul-searching it recently became clear that a band as full-on as Regulus would be very detrimental to his well-being and in order to look after himself he had to step down. We bid him a fond farewell and many thanks for his years of dedication. Much of the music he worked on with us will live on in some form and we’re very excited to embrace the future and incorporate it into our new sound. Big love, Jendrix, and all the best with your psychedelic alter-ego: Deltanaut!
So here we are now… Chloé joined us on tour last year, doing an amazing job standing in on vocals and was the clear choice for our future. She brings a power and beauty to our music, for which we have long striven, with effortless grace and incredible performance.

And at long last… We have our new guitarist! Billy joins us from the ranks of

57 Down, in which he is one of several bassists, as far as we can work out…! But after only a few practices with us on the thin strings, it’s immediately clear that he’s got chops for days and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on board.”
Great to see the band back!