A member of The Quireboys since 2004, Paul Guerin is one of the most unassuming and friendly rhythm guitarists in the business.  HRH Mag took a few moments to find out what’s happening in Paul’s world, and the latest situation for The Quireboys in these strange times that we find ourselves in

Q) Good Afternoon Paul, how are you!?

A) Hi there, I’m fine thank you, enjoying a rare bit of sunshine whilst building an extension on my studio

Q) It’s been a difficult time for bands particularly those with tours booked for the year, how affected were you as a musician?

A) Very affected, our last show was in New Orleans then boom the whole thing came crashing down – and we had to get back to the UK as fast as possible and like millions of people our work stopped overnight.

Q) Did you find yourself more creative during the time spent at home?

A) Yes, I’ve been writing a lot and recording my guitar parts for the new album until my computer conked out! Hopefully, that has been resolved and I can get back to business.

I’ve also been doing some internet collaborations which have been fun.

Q) That sounds brilliant! Can you tell us which artists you have involved?

A) Well it started with me and my son Zander doing a couple of tunes – then I contacted Dave ‘Bucket‘ Colwell and Ronan Kavana and we did a couple of Bucket’s songs on the splitscreen – they came out very well. I’m working on the next one which I want to put out to raise money for the NHS, it’s going under the name of Tin Pan Alley which will be an ongoing thing that I eventually want to involve all of my musician friends.

The first song is called Medicine Man, featuring Kyle John Suckling, Keith Weir, Pip Mailing, Alex Gillet and myself. I’m learning how to edit the videos, I’ll put them online and people can donate if they want to!

Q) How will the music be accessed by fans?

A) Facebook and Instagram – I’ll make sure everyone knows about them when it’s all ready!

Q) Lots of bands tried to maintain an online presence during the first few months of lockdown, did you get involved with any of those types of events?

A) Only a few so far – my main concern at the moment is finishing the new Quireboys album, the online collaborations are more time consuming than you would imagine – so I have to manage my time properly between the two.

Q) Are there plans to get out on the road soon with The Quireboys and Down ‘n’ Outz?

A) Well the touring is in the lap of the gods, we are waiting on information from the government just like everyone else, The Quireboys have dates booked right into next year. There are no plans for a Down ‘n’ Outz tour at the moment.

Q) Thanks for catching up with me today Paul, it was a pleasure as always!

A) Thank you my friend!

Image by Tom Gold, Official Quireboys Photographer