The Outlaw Orchestra have every right to be a little wary when waiting for the reviews of their latest offering, their debut was THAT good. Fortunately, Powercut is yet another lovely offering from the boys.  They’ve not been without their own troubles since that debut album but they’ve taken it all on the chin and produced an 8 track short LP/EP of new cuts and reworked old favourites.

It works and to these old ears, it is pure bliss.

The old songs sound fresh and the new songs feel like old favourites already. To breathe new life into fan favourites and put them alongside brand new music so seamlessly is the mark of accomplished well-seasoned pros and I guess that’s what they are now.

New songs have a more mature edge to them on this little slice of country-rock heaven but there’s still a glint in the eye, the divil is still there and thank goodness for that.

Make your life a little better and get hold of Powercut, it’s good for what ails ya in these very strange times.