The hard-hitting, melodic heavy metal band Alcatrazz will once again throw down a studio gauntlet on in 2020 with Born Innocent, their first studio venture since 1986’s Dangerous Game. This will be released available on vinyl for the first time this Saturday as part of Record Store Day Drop 2.

Alongside the unique vocal prowess and range of star frontman and founding member Graham Bonnet, Born Innocent also features fellow founding members Jimmy Waldo and Gary Shea. And from the classic album art, featuring the mighty rock itself, Born Innocent is a journey into the sort of heavy, melodic, and supremely articulated hard rock that is a cornerstone of the likes of Rainbow and the Michael Schenker Group, territory Alcatrazz successfully strode in the ‘80s before going on hiatus.

Alcatrazz will be joining the electric line-up on HRH ABC at our Camp HRH in Great Yarmouth across 11th-14th November 2021.


Born Innocent features guest appearances from Chris Impellitteri, who wrote the music and played all guitars on the arpeggio-powered, with Bonnet’s vocals soaring to old-school heights, as did Bob Kulick for the majestic I Am The King. Virtuoso Japanese guitar maestro Nozomu Wakai similarly wrote and played guitars on the double-kick steel-plated Irish warrior ode Finn McCool, while the six-string legend that is Steve Vai wrote Dirty Like The City, with Bonnet once again powerfully hitting notes that are beyond the business of most humans. Besides the supreme musicianship, Born Innocent features genuine storyteller lyrics courtesy of Bonnet who revels in showing he loves the scent of an entertaining tale, proudly illustrated on the storming lead single Polar Bear which bristles with robust old-world adventure. Though Alcatrazz might well have been Born Innocent, their new album shows they’ve obviously learned some robust and rawkus things along the way.

Being released on a 12″ double black vinyl housed in a gatefold. All tracks have never been available on vinyl format prior to this release, and have previously only been available as part of the Born Innocent release in CD digipak format and digital.

Be sure to head down to your local record shop this Saturday (17th July) for Record Store Day Drop 2 to support your local music businesses and to get some very cool vinyl!