Roll Call?
Thomas Baignères on vocals, Rod Bourganos on electric guitar, Grisha Grigory Grebennikov on bass guitar & Anthony Paine on drums

Hailing from?
London-based, even though only Anthony was born here. Thomas lives in Paris, Grisha is Russian and raised in the North of England, and Rod is Brazilian with Greek & Italian roots.

The journey so far?
The concept of the band was developed back in 2014 and long-distance demos were produced at that time but we’ve been around as an actual band since late 2016 when we recorded our debut EP with legendary producer Chris Kimsey! Our first gig took place in Shoreditch during the spring of 2017 and we’ve been nurturing the ‘70s rock scene in London ever since, mainly playing heritage venues such as The Troubadour, The 100 Club, and The Scotch Of St James. As you might have noticed, we’re avid enthusiasts of the past. Three EP’s and a double-A single have been independently released so far and we hope to craft an album soon.

The obsessive love for all things late 1960s and early 1970s is pretty much what brought us together even though our individual tastes might differ within diverse spectrums of that era. Anthony and Rod are Led Zeppelin maniacs and really into progressive rock, funk, and ‘70s jazz fusion, while Thomas is more passionate about the blues and Grisha likes a cheekier rock. As a band, we manifest influences such as The Rolling Stones, Zepp, The Faces, Humble Pie, always with a hint of funk and fusion. Lyrically, we normally try to incorporate poetry, hermeticism, and lust.

Biggest gig/proudest moment to date?
Definitely when Jimmy Page came to see us play at The Troubadour in 2019! He was remarkably touched by our performance and even gave us an authorized quote after spending a pleasant hour backstage discussing the gig.

What does the future hold for Flare Voyant?
You’ll have to ask a clairvoyant, not Flare Voyant! Later in the year, we’ll be releasing a collector’s edition 7-inch featuring two tracks off Elusive Times, in partnership with an Italian label. It would be lovely to be able to play live until the end of the year and retrieve the momentum that we were building in 2019 before the whole world fell apart. Hopefully, we’ll be able to expand our audience and career prospects within the music biz as well, perhaps playing festivals and consolidating a more solid infrastructure around us.

Interview by Viki Ridley