Of Mice and Men take on the challenge of a world-wide pandemic by releasing a trio of EPs with their new label SharpTone Records. Why not an album? This way, they get the music to the fans faster. Forced apart by circumstance, the first one, aptly named Timeless allowed band members to contribute from far and wide into a steady and seamless integration. Tight in its prose, and healthy in its metalcore roots, the three hard-hitting songs give fans a treat of throttling guitars, hard hitting drums, & a lively vocal performance by Aaron Pauley.

Title track Timeless lures us in with its transcendent and ambient beats, before pulverizing us with a wave of energy dominated by the allure of drums and ample guitar. Then it takes us back to the ambience to let us regain our composure, until of course it hits again like riding a euphoric roller coaster ride. Obsolete encourages the growling prowess of Pauley. The ferocity in his voice alone demands omnipresence, but the full Californian outfit supports the almighty powerful beast. This tightly polished track encapsulates all the combined power of a hurricane as Pauley thrashes out lyrics ‘Become Obsolete!’ Final track Anchor delivers a solid ending to the trilogy. Full of layers, it bestows a rock-type edge that showcases the diverse abilities of the band to mix genres & pay homage to rock gods before them.

Timeless stays true to the core for their dedicated fanbase, but more importantly acts as a gateway for new fans into Of Mice and Men world. I look forward to the next EP installments, and wonder where the journey will take me? Hopefully out of the house and into an Of Mice and Men live gig in the not too distant future!

Words by Michelle Evans