The four-piece from Melbourne, Australia came to my attention with their haunting track Out of Sight, which was the third single to be released in advance from this, the follow up to their 2016 debut Chance Collide.

It’s a haunting track, that bears all the hallmarks of Alice in Chains, which when paired with a Weiland-esque tinge in the vocal harmonies produces something a little more than the sum of its parts, with a great hook that becomes an earworm in no time at all.

More Stone Temple Pilots can be heard in the middle order cut Box of Anger and the title track Cold Chamber, but these guys are unashamedly in the Cantrell camp and stick to their guns religiously. This is no bad thing as they do it so damn well.

Don’t expect anything particularly new here, but Cold Chamber will give any fan of early ‘90s grunge something to immediately hang their hat (and check-shirt) on.

Words by Toby Winch