Gorilla Riot are a 5-piece dirty rock n’ roll blues machine from Manchester, England. Equally at home acoustically or electrically they use a 3-prong guitar attack with multi-part vocal harmonies; they play raucous blues-based rock, combining elements of grunge, stoner, and country to create a full-on high energy experience. The band are delighted to announce a new song, Talk Back taken from their 4-track acoustic EP, SOLACE. 

The main man, Arjun Bhishma, said, “Solace began as a solo project for me, as they are four very personal songs that I didn’t think would fit with the band. I initially wanted to be the only one on these songs and just take on the difficult headspace that they represent for me. However during [the] lockdown, whilst we were rehearsing our next full-length album, we thought we may as well release a little something from home.

“Our entire year of touring to support our first album was canned just two shows in, so why not try to be productive in our own way. The boys liked the songs and, as always, took them to a level that I could never have imagined, bringing more nuance, texture, and meaning to each song. We also recruited two of the most beautiful voices that we know, and our close friends, SJ and Luci to bring a female touch to the tunes.


“It was all recorded at our house with our shitty equipment. That was the idea and hopefully, you can hear that rawness in the final master. This record will never be played live, it’s simply a snapshot of where we were during the pandemic, with a not-so-optimistic feel to it. At least it’s honest.”

Regarding Talk Back, he said, “Talk Back is a song that I had from a previous band. It’s a strange sound for us (Gorilla Riot) but we like that. It focuses on a dysfunctional relationship that I was a part of, but it’s there for people to interpret themselves. The gospel influence is plain to see and the guitar interplay is raw and fairly savage for an acoustic folk song. Some may overlook this one, but we feel it sits nicely on this record.”

They have toured extensively across the UK, Spain, and France, including Planet Rock Roadstars. They performed a sold-out launch show at Rebellion in Manchester in February 2020 for their album PEACH but were then forced to cancel their album tour due to the countrywide lockdown. Despite that, Gorilla Riot had their song, Bad Son, included on the vinyl chart-topping Earache presents New Wave Of Rock N Roll compilation album and also Still Doing Time included on the Top #10 compilation album, NWOCR Vol 1.

They now release SOLACE ahead of entering the studio to record their next full album.