Canadian classic rockers Danko Jones have slapped us with a corker of an album! Their tenth album Power Trio celebrates the 25th anniversary of this uncompromising group, highlighting their heavy influences from bands such as Motorhead and AC/DC.

Their classic sound and slick style are immediately recognised by all fans, but this release explores a theme different to their previous albums. Reflecting on recent events, Danko Jones express their empathy with what’s been happening across the globe over the last 18 months. An example of this is Raise Some Hell which refers to the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests by the Black Lives Matter movement in North America.

Although these important topics hold the spotlight, one track that specifically stands out to me is Ship of Lies – an anthem in the waiting! A feisty guitar backing that you can’t help but envision live; the gritty vocals shine through totally reflecting a pure rock fury vibe.

Review by Charlotte Hooper