Praying Mantis
14th October 2021
Waterloo Bar Blackpool with Support from Vambo


A superb night of music at the Waterloo Bar with Vambo supporting the mighty Praying Mantis. Nights like this are special as without the old school bands like Praying Mantis we wouldn’t have new bands like Vambo who we need to carry on this incredible music scene we have. On top of this, we need venues like The Waterloo to give a place for bands to play and us to watch in such awesome surroundings.

Having seen Vambo a few times now I knew what to expect. They have a superb stage presence and have amazing songs to back this up. Vocalist Jake Stiles has the voice and swagger of times gone by, Pete Lance was bending over backward delivering the searing riffs. Fast Car and World of Misery sat alongside some well-chosen covers for Zeppelin and Purple.

Praying Mantis have been on the scene for too many years to mention yet the music still sounds as fresh as when it was released. Touring the 40th anniversary of Time Tells No Lies with a few new tracks added from the upcoming album, Tino Troy teased us with the new album name but I think we will all have to wait till next year for the release.

Words and Photographs by HRH Official Photographer Si Dunkerley