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Fifth Angel – The Third Secret – Album Review

Fifth Angel released their 3rd studio album, 'The Third Secret', late last year via Nuclear Blast - the band's first release in nearly 30 years....

Helloween – Starlight (The Noise Records Collection) – Album Review

When various members of Hamburg heavyweights Iron Fist and Gentry sat down over a couple of jars in the local bierkeller it’s unlikely those...

Gotthard – Defrosted 2 – Album Review

What Roger Federer has done for Swiss tennis, Gotthard have done for the nation’s often overlooked classic rock scene. With 11 successive number one...

Massive – Rebuild Destroy – Album Review

Melbourne hard rockers Massive return with their third studio album ‘Rebuild Destroy’, (out Feb 1st) and it’s as beer soaked as the band themselves. Like...

Wille and The Bandits – ‘Paths’

From the moment I put Willie & the Bandits sixth studio release 'Paths' into the car CD player (yes, we still do that sometimes) and...

Burning Witches – Hexenhammer – Album Review

Could Burning Witches be the next all-girl band to cast a spell on the HRH community? This bubbling cauldron of molten metal suggests the...

Artillery – The Face of Fear – Album Review

For thrash metallers of a certain vintage, Artillery’s ’87 rager Terror Squad will hold a special place in their vinyl racks. And while the...

The Fierce and the Dead -The Euphoric – Album Review

London based band The Fierce and the Dead have been described as ‘King Crimson meets Sonic Youth’ however in my opinion their music is...


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